Artificer 8/ Expert 4
Summary: An unmarked genius inventor for House Cannith. He has incredible skill with building constructs, traps, poisons and siege weapons, so this is what the players will run into when pursuing him. He has an affinity for lightning damage, ranged weaponry (Particularly Darts and crossbows), and hastily laid traps to prolong pursuit. Blast discs and poisoned darts are a common method of slowing down captors. Zagodin is proficient with throwing weapons, and so when getting into a fight he will attempt to keep the attackers at range, usually by trapping the area beforehand or sicking constructs on them, and picking away at them with his poisoned or enchanted darts.

Zagodin has a disdain for magical devices, claiming they are weak, relying on unstable, dispellable, energies. This probably stems from his inability to manifest a dragonmark. He has devoted his life and study, to the advancement of clockwork, mechanical weaponry. He was contracted out by his house extensively for his work in developing "Automated Defense Systems" and unusual siege weaponry.

Zagodin is wanted by the Tribunal of Thronehold for inventing several devices which were considered extremely inhumane methods of killing. Some of those include the Slaughterstone Behemoth and Slaughterstone Eviscerator, and Acid Cannon Ballista and a lightning channeling electric torture chair. Though the Tribunal wants Zagodin imprisoned, other factions desire him free, or at least his inventions. The Lord of Blades has Zagodin using stolen lighning rail conductor stones to manufacture a mass driver cannon to attack Sharn from afar. House Cannith South's leader, lord Merrix d'Cannith wants Zagodin's research notes and anything he has made to this point, and is willing to pay for it. Karrnath's Emerald Claw is also looking for the Artificer to contract him to weaponize an Airship they acquired, their party will clash with the player's at some point.

Gear: Repeating Light Crossbow of Shock, Burning Hands Wand, Necklace of Fireball (Differing energy types), Lightning Rod (Call Lightning in 30 ft. radius centered on rod), Magic Missile Wand (4 Missiles)

Assetts: Abandoned factory in the Cogs, Weapon Shop in Vathirond (Owned but not ran by him), Laboratory/Warehouse on Argonth, finally his secret forge in the Mournland, deep in the ruins of old Cannith Enclave in Metrol.

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